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Engage With Rose Lovers in Their Right Element

Nordic Roses 2024 unites decision-makers and consumers who share a common interest in roses. Engage with the international community in their element and join a global discussion about roses and gardening.

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What is Nordic Roses 2024?

Every other year, the World Federation of Rose Societies, an umbrella organisation for rose societies worldwide, hosts a convention. For the first time, Sweden is the host, with Kalmar chosen as the main venue for seminars featuring renowned rose experts from various countries. Additionally, we will organise excursions to famous rose gardens in Southern Sweden. The convention also includes a pre-tour to Finland, visiting Stockholm, and a post-tour to Norway starting in Gothenburg. The entire event runs from 25th June to 14th July 2024.

Why partner with Nordic Roses 2024?

An exceptional opportunity to interact with the international community in a setting that appreciates the beauty and diversity of roses. Join over 500 rose enthusiasts on a journey that lasts up to 20 days.

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Targeted Engagement

Align your brand with a dedicated audience deeply invested in gardening, sustainability, and natural beauty.

Brand Visibility

Gain exposure across multiple high-profile settings, from historic castles to renowned university gardens, offering unparalleled reach.

Cultural Connection

Associate your brand with the rich heritage and contemporary charm of Sweden and Norway, elevating your international presence.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement: Be part of a community-driven event, fostering relationships with key influencers, experts, and enthusiasts in the world of horticulture.

As a valued sponsor, your brand will be intricately woven into the fabric of this event, from the bustling city squares to the serene gardens. Whether it's through engaging workshops, branded merchandise, or memorable experiences, your presence will be felt and appreciated.

Tailored Opportunities

We believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships, and our sponsorship packages are designed to be as diverse and vibrant as the roses we celebrate. From exclusive event sponsorships to customizable branding options, we offer a range of opportunities to suit your marketing objectives and budget.

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Rose Planting Ceremony

Plant the Seeds of Your Brand's Legacy: Participate in a meaningful rose planting ceremony. This symbolic act offers a unique way to demonstrate your support and leaves a living, enduring tribute to your brand's commitment.

Banners and Display Stands

Elevate Your Brand's Visibility: Stand out in key event locations with striking banners and displays. Your brand will capture attention in bustling lecture halls and hotels and will be showcased in the heart of the event's most frequented areas, where guests gather and mingle.

Social Media Contests

Create a Social Sensation: Sponsor exciting social media contests. Encourage guests to engage online using branded hashtags, giving your brand dynamic exposure and connecting with our audience in a fun, interactive way.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Enhance Your Brand's Reach: Connect with our enthusiastic audience through tailored email campaigns. Share your brand's message, exclusive offers, and insights in a way that resonates with dedicated rose enthusiasts.

Culinary Sponsorship

Associate Your Brand with Exquisite Flavors: Be the exclusive sponsor of selected meals or refreshments. Whether it's a signature rose-themed cocktail or a local specialty, your brand will become synonymous with delightful culinary experiences.

Reserved Seats for Sponsors

Enjoy Premier Seating: Experience the event from the best seats in the house during crucial seminars and lectures on the 3rd and 6th July. Your brand will be showcased as a key contributor and integral part of these important moments.

Meet & Greet Involvement

Make a Memorable Introduction: Gain exclusive recognition and speaking opportunities at our Meet & Greet event. This is your chance to make a lasting first impression and establish your brand's strong presence from the outset.

Customized Maps and Itineraries

Guide the Experience with Your Brand: Provide guests with elegantly designed maps and itineraries that prominently feature your logo. These essential items will not only guide their journey but also ensure your brand is a constant part of their experience.

Custom Goodie Bags

Create Lasting Impressions with Personalized Goodie Bags: Offer guests a tangible reminder of your brand with goodie bags filled with local delicacies, rose-themed items, and informative materials, all adorned with your brand's logo.

Be a Part of Nordic Roses 2024

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of an event that's already generating anticipation within the international rose community. Contact us today to secure your sponsorship opportunity for next year's most anticipated event in the rose-growing world.

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Our Participants Come from All Over the World

Rose enthusiasts from South Africa, India, Japan, the USA, Canada, Slovenia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, and many more countries will be visiting the Nordics in July 2024. Among these rose lovers are many enthusiastic amateurs, but also professionals in the field, including head gardeners, breeders, botanists, heritage rosarians, authors, and owners of large rose gardens. We expect some prominent guests, and hope for the presence of the Swedish Royal Family. Those attending are highly curious and interested in our countries, nature & culture, and our rose gardens. This is a unique opportunity for us to showcase ourselves!

Media Attention

Nordic Roses 2024 is already being talked about in the media, particularly in Swedish press but also in international media in France, the UK, and the USA. In Sweden, both daily and trade press have highlighted the influx of rose lovers expected in July 2024. In Kalmar, 2000 garden roses will be planted in public parks, and approximately 15,000 cut roses will arrive in the city a few days before the convention. The entire city of Kalmar will be decorated and scented with roses for six intense days next summer. This is anticipated to gain media coverage in Sweden, the Nordics, and beyond.

Support Professionals in Their Quest for Knowledge

‍Roses belong to the world's largest plant genus and encompass a vast topic. Time for this subject is lacking in horticultural and university courses. By supporting Nordic Roses 2024, you highlight the world of roses, a subject filled with botany, history, cultural heritage, art, love, and politics. A wonderful topic to delve into, and to be a part of disseminating.

Say it with Roses and Brand Your Company in the Green Sphere

The world of roses is part of the gardening world, which in turn is part of the tourism industry. Whether you own a local nursery, a flower shop, a hotel, a café, or a transportation company, your business can benefit from a flourishing rose garden open to visitors. By supporting Nordic Roses 2024, you increase the visibility of green tourist attractions, which in turn boosts the entire tourism industry.

Become Part of Nordic Roses 2024 and Promote Knowledge in Your Industry

Everyone loves roses! Most garden owners want roses in their gardens, and they are often a topic of conversation. Roses offer an aesthetic experience, scent sensations, expressions of love, and family memories. In public spaces, roses are often absent. Few municipalities in Sweden dare to invest in roses due to their perceived high maintenance, thorns, and susceptibility to disease. By supporting Nordic Roses 2024, you help spread knowledge about cultivating roses in public spaces, giving more people the chance to enjoy these wonderful flowers.

Strengthen Sustainable Practices in the Gardening Industry

The world of roses is undergoing significant changes. Today, major rose breeding companies are purposefully working to produce roses that are healthy and resilient. The concept of "No-spray" is now a well-accepted term across the industry. Simultaneously, there are many roses, both historical and modern, where the inclusion of wild rose species is predominant. These roses have always been strong, easy to grow, fragrant, often with simple flowers and hips, making them excellent for biodiversity. By supporting Nordic Roses 2024, you facilitate the work of spreading and strengthening knowledge about these roses, aiding individuals, commercial nurseries, and landscape architects in selecting the right roses. Help and encourage the gardening industry to choose locally, choose wisely, and move towards a 100% sustainable future!

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